Colostomy Bag Cleaning Tool, Ostomy Bag Washing Bottle

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For those who rely on ostomy bags, maintaining hygiene is crucial. Our Ostomy Bag Cleaning Bottle offers a convenient solution that is both compact and lightweight, making it easy to use anytime, anywhere. Its efficient design ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience, reducing odors and improving overall hygiene. Our soft, easy-to-squeeze bottle allows water to flow smoothly, ensuring efficient cleaning. With its reliable performance and included cleaning bottle, our product is the perfect tool for ostomy bag users who prioritize cleanliness and convenience.
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  • The ostomy bag cleaning bottle is small and lightweight, making it convenient for cleaning anytime and anywhere, ensuring proper hygiene. It effectively reduces odors and promotes a more hygienic experience.
  • It is easy to operate and convenient for maintaining hygiene, however, it should not be cleaned with disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. The bottle is soft and easy to squeeze, providing a smooth water flow.
  • The product packaging includes one cleaning bottle.

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Learn how to care for your stoma WITH US! 

* First of all, we should consider from the type of stoma, operation time, personal practice and so on. Ileum bag maker, due to its excretory material, chooses to open the bag for convenient discharge and cleaning. Colostomy can be done with both open and closed pockets.People who have just had surgery. It is suggested to use transparent pocket to facilitate nursing and observation of stoma.

* One piece pocket making is economical, but it is inconvenient to clean; 

* The two-piece bag can be taken off and cleaned at any time. It is clean and recyclable. It does not need to paste skin repeatedly. It is popular with patients.

Due to the large amount of gas produced in the intestine, when one-piece dense bag is used, the bag will often be inflated. At this time, you can choose the filter.You only need to stick the filter on the top of the stoma bag, and then use a pin to make a hole in the hole in the center of the filter, and then tie it straight to the bag, and then make a hole in the bag.

Prolong the use time of paste: increase the sense of security, relieve the patients' worry about the falling of the pocket; prevent the occurrence of the stoma hernia.

Before sticking, keep the skin dry, keep the skin flat and stick the bag from the bottom to the top, and use the vertical position or lying position to keep the skin flat.

Use gauze or cotton ball and warm water to clean the stoma and surrounding skin from inside to outside. Do not need alkaline soap or disinfectant, it is easy to cause skin, Dry explosion and affect adhesion.

The storage environment (10-25c is appropriate) for the products should not be higher than 40 ℃ or lower than 10 ℃, and the wet environment and heavy pressure.