Discover the Innovation: Konweda's Dual-Layer Adhesive Colostomy Bag

Have you ever seen this style of ostomy bag?

The ostomy bag I'll be introducing today is a one-piece drainable colostomy bag from Konweda Medical, featuring a dual-layer adhesive system.

Konweda's Ostomy Bag

Crafted from advanced anti-allergic medical hydrocolloids, this colostomy bag adapts quickly to different skin conditions, providing excellent permeability and keeping you free from allergies and irritation.

Equipped with a dual-layer adhesive system, this ostomy bag ensures leak-free confidence. The hydrocolloid base plate offers core adhesion, while the outer non-woven adhesive ring provides extra security, increasing adhesive area by 20%. The hydrocolloid base plate possesses strong adhesion, allowing it to stay on the skin for 4-6 days. However, the duration of its adhesiveness is influenced by environmental factors or seasonal changes.

On the exterior, double-sided non-woven fabric brings double the softness and comfort. Many ostomy patients dislike the rustling sound of plastic bags, and this feature helps reduce noise and prevents skin abrasion caused by repeated contact.

The bag material is made from EVOH transparent film, which offers protection against bag ruptures and odor isolation. The built-in activated carbon filter effectively absorbs and filters gas odors. When needed, a gentle puncture in the activated carbon area releases gas. Complimentary hole-blocking stickers are included, ensuring worry-free reuse of the colostomy bag.
Konweda's Ostomy Bag

The drainage outlet of the bag utilizes a strong and lightweight Velcro adhesive, allowing multiple drainages without the need to worry about leaks.

Our package includes 20 one-piece system ostomy bags, an stoma measuring card, 20 hole-blocking stickers, an instruction manual, and a tips card.

Now available in both packs of ten and packs of twenty, enjoy a 10% discount on purchasing two or more items. Order now!

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