10 Tips for Wearing an Ostomy Bag


Wearing an ostomy pouch requires some skills. When wearing it, try to choose a private and well-lit place, adjust the room temperature to avoid catching a cold. The living room or bathroom can be used, and it is preferable to arrange it during a time when there is less bowel movement, such as after waking up or before a meal.

The following are some key points:

1.Prepare items: One-piece stoma pouch (one piece) or a set of two-piece stoma pouch (baseplate and pouch), pouch clamp, scissors, stoma measuring tape or ruler, clean or warm water, towel, hand wipes, two garbage bags, and a disposable pad (if necessary).

2.Assume a comfortable position: Sit or semi-recline.

3.Expose the stoma area and place a disposable pad (if necessary) on the stoma side.

4.Remove the old pouch: For a one-piece pouch: Tear the edges of the baseplate first, and then gently tear off the pouch from top to bottom while holding the abdominal wall with one hand. For a two-piece pouch: Keep one hand steady on the baseplate and use the other hand (if necessary, unfasten the buckle) to separate the pouch from top to bottom; the method of removing the baseplate is the same as for a one-piece pouch.

5.Clean the stoma and the surrounding skin with a moistened towel or gauze in a circular motion from inside to outside.

6.Dry the skin around the stoma.

7.Evaluate whether there are any complicat reatment should be given. If the skin around the stoma is red or itchy, clean the skin around the stoma and apply a thin layer of skin protection powder after drying it. However, before pasting the baseplate, wipe it off to avoid affecting the adhesion of the baseplate.

8.Measure the stoma size with a stoma measuring tool.

9.Cut the opening of the baseplate to fit the stoma size. The size of the baseplate opening is generally 1-2mm larger than the stoma.

10.Wear a one-piece or two-piece ostomy bag. Finally, clean up the used materials.

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