Steps for replacing an early-stage two-piece ostomy pouch:


In the use of ostomy pouches, Konweda is a trusted brand that is committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and comfortable ostomy products to help individuals who have undergone colon resection surgery or have related conditions regain confidence and independence.

First, select a two-piece transparent pouch based on the type, size, and location of the stoma to facilitate the observation of bowel function recovery. The adhesive properties of the pouch baseplate determine the replacement time, and it is recommended to replace the baseplate every other day in the early stage.

  1. Measure the size of the stoma using an ostomy measuring guide to ensure correct cutting, and keep the cutting guide for the next pouch replacement. Draw your stoma shape on the cutting guide and then cut a hole on the baseplate that fits the size and shape of your stoma. Curved scissors are recommended for easier operation.

  2. Remove the protective backing, ensure that the skin is clean and dry (to prevent the baseplate from losing its adhesive properties), and apply the baseplate along the stoma, starting from the bottom and smoothly pressing it upwards against the skin. The baseplate should be closely attached to the edge of the stoma where the effluent flows out, leaving gaps in areas with larger openings. Then, apply the leakage prevention paste as the effluent generally flows downward and is less likely to come into contact with the upper part. However, if leakage occurs around the stoma, it needs to be replaced promptly.

  3. When installing the pouch, make sure the locking ring is in the open position. Insert the bag and baseplate from the bottom, with fingers outside the pouch and baseplate, and press them tightly. Adjust the pouch to the optimal position for the individual and then lock the locking ring. When you hear a "click," it indicates that it has been properly installed.

  4. Regarding the use of the discharge valve and sealing of the pouch, before attaching the pouch to the baseplate, tear off a closure strip and place it flat about 0.5 cm above the bottom opening of the pouch. If it is not placed properly for the first time, it can be repositioned. Then, fold the attached closure strip and film together from the inside of the body, folding it 3 to 5 times, and fold the ends of the closure strip inward to secure it. Some pouches come with matching clips, which can be used to clamp the bottom opening of the pouch when sealing.

  5. During the replacement process, there are some precautions to be taken. For example, when there is leakage or loss of adhesion in the baseplate that needs to be replaced, clean the stoma with cotton balls, wet wipes, and warm water, avoiding the use of any soap, disinfectants, rough gauze, or toilet paper to prevent skin irritation. Also, check for any residue on the skin that is difficult to clean. If present, use adhesive remover spray or adhesive remover wipes for easy and non-damaging removal, ensuring that the skin is clean and dry. Once the skin is dry, apply the new baseplate.

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