Are You Using Ostomy Bag Scissors Correctly?

An ostomy bag scissors is a specialized medical tool used to trim or replace the tape, film, or other materials around an ostomy bag. Here are the steps for using ostomy bag scissors correctly:


  1. Preparation: Before you begin, ensure that your hands are clean and sanitized. You can also wear medical gloves to maintain hygiene.

  2. Secure Position: Find a safe and stable location, either sit down or stand, where you can easily see and operate the ostomy bag scissors.

  3. Prepare the Scissors: Take out the ostomy bag scissors, inspect the blades to ensure they are clean, sharp, and undamaged.

  4. Prepare the Patient: If you are not using the scissors on yourself but assisting someone else, make sure the patient is comfortably seated or lying down, and inform them about the cutting action you are going to perform.

  5. Positioning: Gently place the blades of the ostomy bag scissors where you need to trim or remove material, ensuring you don't cause any harm to the skin. Typically, this involves working around the tape or film surrounding the ostomy bag.

  6. Careful Cutting: Slowly move the blades of the ostomy bag scissors from one side to the other, trimming or cutting the necessary portion. Be careful not to cut the skin.

  7. Continuous Checking: Throughout the cutting process, keep checking your progress to ensure you are not damaging the surrounding skin. If needed, carefully trim away excess material.


  9. Dispose of Waste: Safely dispose of the cut-off waste material. Usually, these materials should be placed in appropriate medical waste containers.

  10. Cleaning and Disinfection: After use, clean and disinfect the ostomy bag scissors for future use.

Please note that if you are unfamiliar with using ostomy bag scissors or unsure about the procedure, consult with medical professionals or nursing staff for guidance. Proper use of ostomy bag scissors is crucial to avoid causing harm to the patient's skin or ostomy.The Konweda medical team is here to offer personalized advice, help you adapt to your new lifestyle, and ensure the health and comfort of your ostomy bag.

The Konweda medical team is here to support you, ensuring that your ostomy bag remains leak-free.

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